Rules for My Daughters


A few weeks ago, I saw a post making the rounds on the FaceSpace called “Rules for My Son” ( over on ) I enjoyed the list he put together from a larger source list. And it set me to thinking about the rules I want to have for my daughters. So, I compiled a list of my own.


  1. Work twice as hard as the boys. In this present reality, sometimes boys have an easier road. Prove you belong. It’s not fair. It’s not right. Your effort matters in spite of the circumstance.
  2. Kindness is real beauty. Everything else will fade.
  3. No one disrespects your mother, especially you.
  4. If the question is “Would you like bacon?”, anyone who answers “No” is not worth your time. Shun that person. Be kind to them, but keep your distance.
  5. A bathing suit should allow you to move freely in water without being displaced, protect you from the sun, and be comfortable. A bikini serves none of these purposes.
  6. Refuse to be a victim. Be aware of your surroundings. Be careful who you befriend. When injustice or violence appear, always fight back. When your heart is broken, forgive.
  7. Grammar is important. The aim is not for perfection but for competence. Maintain the integrity of the Oxford Comma.
  8. “I can’t” is a monumental lie. Don’t believe it. I know you. You most certainly can!
  9. A good friend can carry you through a world of heartache. Hold on tight when you find one.
  10. Our country is a wonderful gift. Patriotism and pride in your homeland are virtuous. Celebrate this nation and never let her flag touch the ground.
  11. Marry the boy who dearly loves his mother. And then commit to your relationship with her.
  12. A man who cannot grow a beard is no less of a man; just like Fredo is no less of a Corleone.
  13. Your words are immensely powerful. Always build up.
  14. Do. Not. Whine. “The true joy in life is to be a force of fortune instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” – George Bernard Shaw
  15. When you get the chance to travel, take the chance. Every time.
  16. I hear shopping is fun. Go easy on the credit cards. Spend less than you make.
  17. Wherever you are, whether it is school, or church, any other setting with your peers, make sure nobody is alone. If someone is by himself, immediately offer your friendship. Repeat every day.

Well, there you go. Remember: You were great today. You can be great again tomorrow.

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