Good Friday – In View of Resurrection

Easter Sunday is in a few days. For our little family, this is the most sacred time of our year. So, I wanted to step back and share faith in this setting. These are the words I wrote last year at this time and they spoke to me as I read them again. Peace to you.



The basic notion of a man who was skillfully and mercilessly executed willing himself back to life is absurd. How can humans believe such a thing possible. For all the scientific advances we have made over the centuries and for all of our human progress, we know without exception that none of us makes it out of here alive. When all we know and all we experience teaches us that death is the one non-negotiable aspect of life, resurrection is simply unbelievable.

And yet…

For those who have encountered the Christ, who have been marked by His pursuit of them, who have been convicted by His Spirit, whose lives have been changed irrevocably, who have felt the life giving sweetness of His great mercy, who have found peace and forgiveness and freedom…for those who have known Jesus of Nazareth, belief in His rising is the most natural thing in all the world. How could we not believe this? We know He walked out from that tomb because we have felt Him bring to life, things in us that were long dead. We know that death could not hold Him because we’ve experienced the execution of our former selves and we have seen our own hearts revived to life anew, free of the old chains.

To the man and woman who are hopelessly and joyously devoted to the Christ; to the “Christian”, resurrection of the Messiah is the most fundamental of all beliefs. We cannot be separated from it. We cannot be Christian without it.

So, this Easter, if you have not encountered Him…if you have never been pressed by His Spirit…if you’ve not known Him, my hope is that He would hunt your soul (as He has hunted mine) and find one hungry and aching for life. His resurrection is a promise of abundant life to you. It is a gift. Happy Easter, my friends.

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