Friday with #16 – First Impressions

For me, President Lincoln is the most interesting and most fundamentally awesome man in our history not named Christ. We constantly incorporate lessons from our 16th President’s life into the molding and character shaping of our children.


Abraham Lincoln struggled mightily with first impressions because of his awkward lanky appearance. There’s a story about a man who came to see one of his early speeches.

“When Lincoln rose to speak, I was greatly disappointed. He was so angular and awkward that I had, for an instant, a feeling of pity for so ungainly a man.”

But after listening to Lincoln…

“Pretty soon, he began to get into his subject and the whole man was transfigured. I forgot about his personal appearances. Forgetting myself, I was soon on my feet with the rest, yelling…and cheering this wonderful man.”


Raising daughters in the modern West means we will constantly do battle with culture over beauty, body issues, and appearance. Women, before any accomplishments or merits are mentioned, are judged by their appearance. This is unfair but undeniably true. Media personalities, when talking to or about females, are far more likely to remark first about her fashion and only mention accomplishments or character if time permits.  So, while we fight to point out where our culture objectifies women, we also want to teach our daughters a better way. We hold character and values at a premium. And while they are most certainly adorable little ladies, we are vigilant in communicating that their character (kindness, courage, and compassion) is what Mommy and Daddy value above whether or not they are outwardly beautiful. We encourage them to see others this way as well.

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