I am Alan. Pleased to meet you. My wife is an amazing gift to me and the most perfect of partners. Together, we are raising our 3 daughters: the oldest “Child of Promise” (COP), the middle “Goldilocks”, the baby “Dimples”. We are the Gables.
When people find out that I have three young daughters, the most common reactions are either laughter or a comment about needing to get a shotgun or a declaration of pity for me when they all hit their teen years. Understandable reactions all. The undercurrent running through each of these is the undeniable reality that the father / daughter relationship is this weird mix of turbulence and devotion. Here is where I hope to chronicle the wild swings of awesomeness in raising these little She-Gables. I never imagined my life turning out this way. But then I Got Daughtered and nothing has been the same.